Australian social groups for lesbian & bisexual women

A list of social groups and websites for women who like women.

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Web Link ACT : Canberra Lesbians Take 2

A group for lesbian and bisexual women in ACT and surrounding areas who would like to find out whats happening in Canberra and to meet new people.

Web Link ACT : Canberra Queer Women's Group

The purpose of this group is to provide queer women living in the Canberra area (and beyond) a space where they can access and share resources.

Web Link ACT : Dyke Dinner Movie Group

The Canberra (ACT) Dyke Coffee, Movie and Dinner group has been running every Tuesday since 2005. As a community based event it helps lesbians connect with each other. We meet up for coffee before the movie and enjoy some time catching up with each other. For those who want to join us, we then go on to see the movie and afterwards enjoy a meal together. Queer people come along for any or all of those things. Some leave after coffee, some come just for the movie and some even come to eat without having seen the movie. We are a diverse group of women who welcome GLBTQI newcomers.

Web Link ACT : Lady Bones

A Canberra club night of epic proportions & home of the LADY BONES DJS. Attenzione ladies, ladies and ladies of Canberra. Lady Bones is looking to promote a lil somethin’ somethin’ for the fairer sex of our nation's capital. Providing buck wild parties with local DJ's and interstate guest sets from the finest lady DJ’s Australia has to offer.

Web Link ACT : Rainbow Families

Rainbow Families ACT is a social and parenting group for families in the ACT queer community with children ranging in age from birth to teens. This is a parent and play group as well as a support group for GLBTQ people who are thinking about starting a family. We meet every second weekend at various locations around Canberra.